The journey to 
compostable packaging

Our goal is to replace all of our fruit product packaging with compostable solutions made from plant based renewables.

For many years we have been advocating for the move away from petroleum based plastic packaging. Eventually technology has caught up to our ideas and we were able to connect with manufacturers and suppliers who were willing to support our vision.

125g punnet
Certified home compostable fibre base and film
375g punnet
Certified home compostable fibre base, PET recyclable lid, home compostable or recycle cardboard band
450g tubs
Certified commercially compostable PLA tub and label
1kg pouch
Commercially compostable PLA pouch and label

125g Fresh Punnet

Home Compostable Packaging

We are well aware of the need to reduce our impact on the environment, so we're making the shift to better packaging. The film and punnet from our 125g fresh punnets is 100% Certified Home Compostable!


Eat your delicious Moondarra Blueberries


Put entire punnet & food scraps in compost bin


Use compost on 
your garden!

450g Frozen Tub

Not yet the full journey, but one step closer...

Our 450g frozen have now transitioned to a plant based (PLA) plastic tub that can be commercially composted. Even the label and it's adhesive are sustainably made from plants so can be composted along with the tub.

Commercial/industrial composting is still not widely available in Australia, but we made the change as we feel this was an important step away from petroleum based plastics. We sourced our tubs here in Victoria from PAK360 who operate an organic collection system that diverts the tubs from landfill. Returning the tubs to them allows them to be converted into compost or electricity.


We are still researching and testing home compostable packaging alternatives for our frozen products. As technology catches up to our ideas this change will occur.

Watch this space...

"Thank you for your delicious blueberries, but also for your compostable packaging which is fantastic! We tend not to buy berries due to the plastic punnets, but yours keep our sustainable minds at ease! Thanks!"
Melbourne VIC
"I just wanted to extend a huge thanks and congrats on your amazing eco packaging. As someone who cares deeply about the planet it’s so wonderful to be able to buy berries in compostable packaging. Thank you so much for doing the research, making the changes and being bold to offer packaging like this. I hunt your berries down particularly for this reason, even though of course they are delicious too."
Melbourne VIC


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