What is the difference between Low Chill and High Chill variety types?

High Chill varieties are a  type of blueberry suited to the colder climate areas of Australia. High Chill varieties can be grown in warmer areas, but will most likely not set fruit.

Low Chill varieties are a type of blueberry that can be grown in the warmer and colder climate areas of Australia.

Here are some great online resources to help you work out what type of climate you have:




You only have a few varieties of blueberries available – why is that?

The varieties we offer to home gardeners have been chosen for their great tasting fruit and suitability for growing in gardens or small plots in Australia. Different varieties are offered at different times due to availability and demand.

Are there varieties that will grow in pots?

Yes! Certain smaller varieties will grow perfectly well in pots – but the pot needs to be the size of a half wine barrel.

You don’t have to plant straight into this size pot, but eventually it will need it. Blueberries suffer greatly from being root bound so you will need to pot up regularly until you reach the optimum pot size.

Always pot up in winter when the plants are dormant.