Shipping & Delivery

Where do you post plants in Australia?

We only ship plants nationally in Australia to:

  • Australian Capital Territory
  • New South Wales
  • Northern Territory
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Victoria

Unfortunately due to quarantine restrictions, we can't send plants to Western Australia and Tasmania.

If we live in Victoria, can we pick the plants up from you?

Unfortunately it is not possible to pick plants up from our farm. We do participate in six Farmers' Markets a month around Melbourne, and you are welcome to organise pickup of your order from any of these. Please select "Pickup from Farmers Market" from the options when checking out to make sure you don't get charged postage. Please see this page for our current Farmers' Markets.

Do you ship plants internationally?

No. We only ship to some states within Australia.

How are my plants packaged?

Your plants are packaged in a thick cardboard shipping carton that is especially designed for live plants. Although we don't have a minimum quantity that you can order, the shipping carton is designed to carry 4 plants. The postage price for this carton is the same whether you get 1 or 4 plants, so to maximise the space we suggest buying in multiples of 4. For example, 4 plants = 1 carton, 5 plants = 2 cartons, 8 plants = 2 cartons.

You can then use the packaging around the plant under your mulch OR recycle the packaging in a responsible way.

How do your ship the plants?

Plants can be either posted Express or Regular through Australia Post.

If you live locally to Melbourne, you can save on postage costs by coming and picking them up from one of our six Farmers' Markets around Melbourne.

You make these choices through the checkout process.

How much will it cost to send my plants to me?

If posted, the cost is worked out at the time you checkout and is based on your postcode and how many cartons your plants are packaged in.

Picking up at one of Farmers' Markets is free!

How long after I have placed my order will I receive my plants?

We ship plants out every Monday orTuesday, so depending on when you order and where you are located, it could take up to 10 days to reach you.

What will the plants look like when I receive them?

The plants are in a 150mm black pot in a soilless potting mix.

Depending on the variety that you purchase, plants could be anywhere from 30 to 60cm tall. To fit within the shipping carton, tall branches may be pruned to suit. This will not hurt the blueberry plant, and cutting them back when you plant them out is a recommendation in our Growing Guide.

Plants MAY or MAY NOT have leaves when you receive them depending on the time of year and the variety.

Our Bulk Box of 16 Barerooted plants are the same age and size plant as above, just barerooted.

What happens if my plants are damaged when I receive them?

We have put a lot of time into making sure our method of packaging is as good as possible for sending live plants through the post. There are handling notifications on the carton to Australia Post workers which we hope they adhere to. Unfortunately, once the plants are out of our hands, we can't control how they are treated.

We also send on a Monday or Tuesday of any given week to try and ensure that plants are received by the end of the week and they aren't left in post offices over the weekend. Due to some longer transit times, sometimes this is unavoidable and we try and make extra allowances for this when packing them.

The best thing that you can do to minimise plant damage is make sure you pick up your plants from your Australia Post post office as soon as you receive a registered post notice in your mailbox. This minimises the chance of the plants drying out.


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