Medium vigour, semi upright bush. Extremely heavy yields of small to medium, powder blue, firm, slightly tart berries. Berries come off in just a few picks. Extremely light blue berries, although not huge, are very attractive. Berries soften with extreme temperature. Suits cooler districts.


Tall, vigorous upright bush to 2.4m, with high production. Very large, medium blue, firm fruit with good flavour. Excellent picking scar and keeping quality. This Australian developed variety Brigitta is now being widely grown world wide. Clusters can be tight and the bloom damaged easily. Ripens two weeks after Bluecrop with similar size berries. Fruit can drop easily so care when hand harvesting is required. One of the best keeping and shipping varieties available. A favourite with exporters. For pollination purposes it is best if planted near another variety.


Moderate vigour, but very productive, height to 2.1m. Fruit is light blue, very large and firm with good flavour. Flavour is best with the first few picks and seems to be better in areas where warm days are followed by cool nights. Small picking scar – excellent fresh fruit. Most popular variety world wide. Bush requires excellent drainage. Very easy and cheap to hand pick in relation to other popular varieties. Can have a percentage of fruit that stays red and doesn’t ripen properly, but very consistent yields year to year when pruned correctly.


Vigorous upright growth habit to 2.1m, with very dense foliage. Heavy yields of light blue, medium size, slightly tart fruit. Very lengthy ripening season running for eight weeks or more. Expensive to pick relative to Bluecrop and Brigitta due to dense foliage (ie. pickers have to search for fruit). Berries sometimes are inclined to be soft and tender during periods of hot weather. Suited more to cooler districts. Heavy yields of attractive tasty berries that don’t drop make this a good U-pick and processing berry.


Medium vigour and height to 1.5m, with slightly spreading growth habit. Fruit is very large and round, medium blue with red around stem end. Distinct tangy flavour. Heavy yields of big, attractive berries, makes this variety very popular with some growers. Berries usually delicious but can lose flavour once very ripe. Also, can tear at picking scar. Seems to perform well in warm areas. Good for fresh sales including U-pick but does not store well.


Spreading, vigorous bush to 1.5m. Very productive with medium size, dark, sweet fruit. Large picking scar makes fruit unsuitable for wholesale market sales, but is an excellent variety for U-pick, local sales, and for processing. Fruit hangs without dropping and gets progressively sweeter. Northland seems to tolerate extremes in temperature.


This variety is grown widely around the world for it’s high yields of early, large, mild tasting fruit. The bush is generally upright and vigorous. Although only new to the Australian grower, early indications are for a bush with enormous yield potential that is one of the first varieties to ripen.