This variety is grown widely around the world for it’s high yields of early, large, mild tasting fruit. The bush is generally upright and vigorous. Although only new to the Australian grower, early indications are for a bush with enormous yield potential that is one of the first varieties to ripen.


Bush has medium vigour and a slightly spreading habit. Berries medium size, firm, very sweet, excellent scar. Very low chill requirement and seems to tolerate hot conditions. Likes a pH value below 5.5.


Tough plant with moderate vigour and small to medium light blue fruit. Very similar in looks to Tifblue, but fruit is smaller.


Bush has moderate vigour with nice, sweet flavoured, medium to large fruit. Excellent fruit colour and scar.


Vigorous, upright bush with heavy yields of large fruit. Good flavour and scar, but has gritty texture and tough skin. Fruits with Premier several weeks earlier than Tifblue. Excellent bush shape.